SAFIRA at IBM InterConnect 2015

Once again, several SAFIRA customers were invited to share their experience, achievements and lessons learned on their BPM/ODM/Mobile projects at IBM's largest IT conference worldwide - InterConnect 2015 - that incorporates Impact, Innovate and Pulse and takes place in MGM Grand & Mandala Bay, Las Vegas, on February 22-26.

You are very welcome to join us and:

Hear our success stories 

Inspirational experiences and client use cases at the Business Process & Decision Management Stream (how business process and decision management enable organizations to become more customer-centric) and at the Mobile Enterprise Stream (how business and work get done with IBM MobileFirst capabilities). Hear from our clients and team and learn about their experiences, challenges and successes across a broad range of industries.

6414: Achieving Better Business Outcomes with Smarter Process using Pure, Cloud and Mobile

SAFIRASpeaker - Pedro Penedo, Partner
When - Sunday, February 22nd at 11:00 a.m.

In this session, understand how Business Partners deliver business value to their customers through the use of Pure, Cloud, and Mobile.
Program - Business Partner Summit | Topic - Business Process & Decision Management.

MTV-3098: Mobility on the Cloud: Extending IBM MobileFirst with SoftLayer at HIPRA

HIPRA The reference in prevention for animal healthSpeakers - Joan Pons, Mobile Manager, HIPRA - Spain, and Paulo Dias, Associate Manager, SAFIRA
When - Monday, February 23rd at 11:00 a.m.
Animal health leader HIPRA is extending its mobile strategy to the cloud, to provide extra value for customers. HIPRA started by deploying MobileFirst to organize and control mobile apps and support the daily activities of employees. Efficiency was increased by 30% just by enabling workers to do their daily activities on mobile devices. HIPRA is now taking the next big step, adding cloud to the equation to provide extra services to their global network of customers, sales representatives and employees in 25 countries. At the heart of this strategy are IBM solutions, with MobileFirst and SoftLayer for the global support of mobile applications and also IBM Integration Bus for the connectivity with line of business systems.
Stream - Mobile Enterprise | Track - Transform the Value Chain to Drive Growth & ROI.

BTA-3482: New Customer Onboarding in Ten Minutes with IBM BPM and Operational Decision Management at Emirates NBD

Emirates National Bank of DubaiSpeakers - Fuad Mohamed, VP IT Application Management & Development, and Jan Grabski, BPM Program Manager, Emirates NBD - UAE
When - Monday, February 23rd at 2:00 p.m.
To sustain premier customer experience, Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the UAE and one of the largest in the Middle East, set off to empower its 100-branch network to fully manage new customer onboarding in global record-breaking time. Through the implementation of an IBM BPM/ODM-based solution, the bank redesigned its walk-in account opening process to electronically read/input 70% of the customer required data to initiate the process, handle the subsequent steps with 90% fewer user screens, and ultimately provide a ready-to-use current account to a new customer in half the time top-quartile retail banks worldwide need - ten minutes. We'll also discuss cost savings, architecture considerations and an implementation roadmap.
Stream -  Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Reinventing Business Processes.

BAT-2900: How Bankadati Rapidly Automates “Invisible” Processes with IBM BPM and Operational Decision Manager

Grupo bancario Credito ValtellineseSpeakers - Umberto Colli, Vice Deputy Manager, and Matteo Pizzicoli, Process Manager, Bankadati, Grupo Bancario Credito Valtellinese - Italy; and Ricardo Estêvão, Associate Manager, SAFIRA
When - Monday, February 23rd at 5:00 p.m.
Not all the processes of a company receive the same attention from the IT department. There are well-known processes, complex, articulated, highly integrated with the core business. For these IT already provides efficient infrastructure. But these processes, although highly visible and frequently core to the business, are numerically a minority when compared to the entire process ecosystem within a competitive organization. The company is made up of many other processes based on emails and phone calls, for which it would be unthinkable to develop traditional IT solutions. These are the invisible processes. Come hear the true story of how Bankadati has solved this dilemma in a month with IBM Business Process Manager and Operational Decision Manager.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Transforming Business Operations with Accelerated Value-based Delivery.

BTA-3122: Process-Driven Insurance Claims Management with IBM Business Process Manager at Açoreana Seguros

Açoreana SegurosSpeaker - Luís Biscaia, BPM Program Manager, Companhia de Seguros Açoreana - Portugal
When - Monday, February 23rd at 5:00 p.m.

To grow profitably through improved underwriting ratios, the fifth largest Portuguese player in Property & Casualty Insurance, Açoreana Seguros, reinvented its Claims Management to address the key cost points of most insurers: fraud, process and procurement. By unifying its claims handling process via a BPM-based solution, powered with IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) rules and IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) to interact with multiple external channels, Açoreana Seguros can now handle a claim across all lines of business at up to 80% of its former unit cost, saving up to 15% in claim incurred losses and benefiting from a 2% increase in reserves available. Come hear about the solution architecture and roadmap.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Reinventing Business Processes.

BTA-4956: Deploying IBM Business Process Manager - My Cloud or Yours?

SAFIRASpeaker - Alexandre Correia, Partner
When - Tuesday, February 24th at 9:30 a.m.

Join KPMG as we talk about our experience of deploying IBM Business Process Manager in private cloud environments and on-premises. We will discuss the concerns clients have in different sectors, from government to financial services, how we address them, and how we deploy in a way that makes cloud work for everyone. We'll also discuss the migration strategies we employ to move between environments in a low-risk, low-cost way. Topics will include: How to start on the journey to putting your business in the cloud, industry concerns about cloud deployment and how to overcome these, and how to develop a flexible approach to hosting.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Reinventing Business Processes.

BEK-5006: Empowering Knowledge Workers to Build Their Own IBM Business Process Manager Processes


Speaker - Pedro Penedo, Partner
When - Tuesday, February 24th at 11:00 a.m.
What if your knowledge workers were building complex processes using IBM Business Process Manager within a week? KPMG will share how they have been empowering knowledge workers at a major bank to build and deploy processes; and, as a result, how IBM BPM is enabling continuous operational improvement.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Empowering Knowledge Workers Management.
BDM-3086: How HIPRA Externalizes Rules from SAP to Automate SAP Decisions with IBM ODM

HIPRA The reference in prevention for animal healthSpeakers - Joan Amigó, IT Process Manager, HIPRA - Spain, and José Neves, Senior Manager, SAFIRA
When - Tuesday, February 24th at 2:30 p.m.
Continuous innovation, agility and flexibility are the factors that made HIPRA a world-renowned veterinary pharmaceutical company. HIPRA is using IBM Operational Decision Manager to externalize business rules and decisions from SAP, making them more explicit and fully automated on SAP-related processes, ensuring a more streamlined business. Currently, as the business evolves and new needs and products arise, it requires fewer changes in SAP, which has a direct impact on cost reduction and accelerates time-to-market. In this session, you will learn from HIPRA how to “detect” and “decide” with agility using ODM and “act” with flexibility through processes with IBM Business Process Manager and IBM MobileFirst Protect.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Actionable Insights with Rules & Decision Management.

BDM-2982: Providing Pricing Flexibility for Travel Agencies and Online Businesses with Rules

SAFIRASpeaker - Marcelo Fernandes, Senior Manager
When - Wednesday, February 25th at 8:00 a.m.
See how leading global organizations are supporting ambitious business growth initiatives through innovative and flexible pricing strategies. Understand how they are leveraging IBM Operational Decision Manager to allow business users to create new offers and adjust existing ones directly on the systems almost instantly. All this is done while keeping the systems responding to complex client requests online, with low latency and supporting high volumes of requests daily, around the clock. Learn from the team about the challenges, and get some valuable tips on how to introduce ODM to replace and improve key functions on an existing system, smoothly integrating with other existing functions, all done without breaking services.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Actionable Insights with Rules & Decision Management.

BAT-3183: Streamlining Foreign Exchange Operations with IBM BPM at Bank Millennium Angola

Banco Millennium AngolaSpeakers - Nuno Perdigão, Associate Manager, SAFIRA
When - Thursday, February 26th at 2:30 p.m.

Foreign exchange operations account for more than 75% of Angolan banks' operating results, and are subject to tight control by the Angolan regulators; among other challenges like low access levels to banking services by the population and communication problems between branches. At Bank Millennium Angola this process was done manually and was very time-consuming. The increasing number of branches and customers was turning management into chaos. The bank deployed agileFOREX, built on top of IBM BPM, to 750 employees at 85 branches. Since the rollout, the duration of the foreign exchange process has been decreasing each month by 20% on average. Early results show a dramatic efficiency increase compared to the same period last year.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Transforming Business Operations with Accelerated Value-based Delivery.

BTA-5027: Why Data Should Be at the Center of Your Smarter Process: KPMG's Perspective

SAFIRASpeaker - Manuel Martins, Manager
When - Thursday, February 26th at 9:00 a.m.
Every process needs data to act on. The data lifecycle of a process is something that always needs to be considered and designed, but is often overlooked. In this session, KPMG will talk through the data lifecycles of a major regulatory process— FATCA tax legislation for banks. This required thousands of data items and hundreds of rules. We will discuss how we overcame the challenges of the complex data model and the fluid, ever-changing requirements from clients. Once the process is complete, it is also important to archive the data from the live process so it will be available later to adhere to the data retention legislation, while not being a burden to the process application.
Stream - Business Process & Decision Management | Track - Reinventing Business Processes.

IAF-4239: KPMG’s Best Practices for Lease Accounting Standards Using the IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Solution

KPMGSpeakers - Dean Bell, Partner, KPMG, Don Coduto, Manager, KPMG; and Amit Tomer, Manager, ValuD
When - Thursday, February 26th at 9:00 a.m.
Lease accounting changes will impact real estate and equipment leases. As a Big Four public accounting firm that follows the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board standard setting process, KPMG selected IBM TRIRIGA as a technology platform that will help provide new advisory services to their clients using KPMG's Accounting Change Methodology. During this session you will: receive an update on the FASB’s efforts to release the proposed Lease Standards; share insights into its selection of TRIRIGA as the platform for the KPMG Leasing Tool; see how companies can use the TRIRIGA platform to prepare for the Lease Standards; and ValuD’s role in providing an optimal solution to KPMG.
Stream - Asset Management & the Internet of Things | Track - Asset & facilities management best practices.

Meet our clients 

InterConnect represents a unique opportunity to have peer-to-peer networking and learn how your peers are addressing similar challenges and adopting smarter process strategies to increase efficiency and profitability in their organizations. Get to know why and in what way they are using IBM technologies and SAFIRA services to innovate and boost their businesses. If you are interested please drop us an email to and let us know the best time for you during InterConnect.

Fuad MohamedFuad Mohamed
Emirates NBD
Jan Grabski
Jan Grabski
BPM Prog Manager
Emirates NBD
Matteo PizzicoliMatteo Pizzicoli
Process Manager
Umberto Colli Umberto Colli
Vice Deputy Mgr
Joan Amigó Joan Amigó
Process Manager
Joan Pons
Joan Pons
Mobile Manager
Luís Biscaia
Luís Biscaia
BPM Prog Manager

Açoreana Seguros

Brainstorm with our team 

We have one-to-one slots available during the event where we can brainstorm and have an informal, down-to-earth conversation and you can get answers to some of the issues you are dealing as well as take away insights to share with your team. If you are interested please drop us an email to and let us know the best time for you during InterConnect.

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Dean BellDean Bell LinkedIn Dean Bell
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