SAFIRA Academy

At SAFIRA, we face knowledge and experience sharing as imperative practices to sustain continuous growth and valorisation.

SAFIRA's Academy mission is to foster Business Agility related competencies and know-how. These include BPM (Business Process Management), ODM (Operational Decision Management) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management), with or without technology support.

Along with the training offer presented in the Training Catalogue, SAFIRA Academy delivers tailored training courses, designed and implemented according to each client's learning needs, the trainee's profile and the outcomes to achieve with training implementation.

All the training content and courses provided by SAFIRA Academy have been designed, implemented and thoroughly tested at SAFIRA, prior to public availability. These are used to train our professionals on a daily basis, before having professionals integrated in project's implementation all over the world. Our project history speaks for itself and for the way we train our professionals.


  • Self-Paced Virtual Training (with Tutor)

Self Study SAFIRA Academy

Supported on an eLearning platform, SAFIRA Academy provides a set of self-study resources, with the tutoring by a certified specialist option, so that trainees are monitored and supported along their training path.

The training contents made available at these courses have been developed specifically for a distance learning approach, in order to maximize the learning process outcomes and allow knowledge acquisition via theory and practice, with interactive materials, exercises and evaluations.

Having the flexibility to define the learning pace and schedule, eliminating displacement and minimizing out-of-office periods are some of the advantages of this training model, making it suitable for training gaps that may be bridged in a longer term.

  • Face-to-Face Training

Instructor-led Training SAFIRA Academy

Implemented by certified specialists and professionals, with experience on the subject they train on, face-to-face courses represent a great opportunity to acquire an enriched, broad and detailed learning experience.

We practice what we preach, along several years of successful project's implementation around the world. With courses aligned to functional profiles, trainees have access to specialists with experience at each training subject and that by experience-gained knowledge bring an added value to training sessions and are able to align the training process to very specific needs.

With theory-practice combination, face-to-face training brings all the benefits of direct contact towards knowledge sharing.


Counting on hundreds of professional certifications, SAFIRA Academy provides all the necessary support and monitoring to reach Software Provider's Certification Programs recognition.

We believe that most Certification Programs grant a valid, fair and reliable method to evaluate knowledge and competencies and that these represent an added value and differentiator factor among professionals.

The training contents provided by SAFIRA are 100% aligned with Certification goals, have been widely tested and are submitted to a continuous improvement process.

We are committed with supporting your team and elevating your performance. Contact us by email to or +351 210 938 210, ask us for a tailored made proposal and develop your organization's competencies with SAFIRA!