Międzynarodowy biznes firmy SAFIRA bardzo szybko się rozwija

The Portuguese technological company continues to expand its international business. Besides the opening of a British office during this month, SAFIRA has been conquering projects in 4 continents, including countries like Switzerland, France, Denmark, Chile, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Angola, Spain and Poland (these two with a subsidiary already installed). Global revenues are expected to reach € 6.5 million by the end of the year (60% from international business), a double-digit growth compared to 2011. In 2012, the company has already recruited 41 new employees and still has another 46 open positions. SAFIRA continues to invest on the export of innovation made in Portugal, reinforcing its commitment to the country's growth and providing the team with experiences across borders extremely stimulating and enriching.

Presença Global

Oeiras, September 18, 2012 - SAFIRA, provider of IT solutions and Consulting Services for the global market, today announced that its international business has reached 53% of revenues. By the end of the year, this number shall exceed 60%, the highest ever (in 2011 was 44%).

In June, the company reinforced its presence in the Spanish market by opening an office in Barcelona. In order to continue the process of international expansion, SAFIRA will inaugurate a London branch later this month.

SAFIRA is currently developing projects in 4 continents, including countries like Switzerland, UK, Spain, France, Denmark, Poland, Chile, UAE and Angola. In terms of goals, SAFIRA’s international activity follows the same national standard, ie, most of the business comes from the financial area, however sectors like Government, Pharmaceutical and Telecommunications have noticed a growing importance.

Regarding the offer, international focus is based on BPM (Business Process Management), ODM (Operational Decision Management), ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and Custom Development Services.

To address the growing market demands, SAFIRA has recruited 41 professionals since the beginning of the year and still has 46 open positions. SAFIRA has been making massive investments in expanding, improving and certifying its delivery capacity, namely in the BPM area, being prepared to serve any market, both in off-shore and on-site models.

In 2012, SAFIRA expects to achieve revenues of € 6.5 million (in 2011 reached € 5.8 million). In 2013, this value shall grow to € 8 million.

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